Becoming an expert with your own shape

Becoming an expert with your own shape

As women, our bodies are constantly changing and the more that you can understand your shape and when and how it changes, the more you can navigate to find styles that really lift and elevate and amplify the way you feel. 

The first place to start with becoming an expert with your own shape is to really know your measurements and to know which ones are important. To get started there are 5  basics you need to know;

  1. Bust
  2. Bra Cup size
  3. Waist
  4. Hips
  5. Height

These are the starting point and will give you the first tools to map your shape and proportion. Print out our size chart and literally circle where you sit on the chart. HOT TIP…. the little number at the top of the chart does NOT matter. This is all about finding the right fit for your shape.

This is where we can start uncovering what body shape you are; Hourglass, Pear, Apple are the 3 basics and then of course there are variations within these, we are all unique.

Hourglass: Your bust and hip will generally be in the same size but your waist may sit at the top end of that size or indeed in a size smaller

Apple: Your bust and hip will be in the same generally be in the same size but your waist may sit at the top end of that size or indeed in a size bigger

Pear: Your bust is in a smaller size than your hips and possibly your waist.

We are going to go into a lot more detail with body shapes over the coming months as we really feel this is going to help you even more with your new expert positioning! 

Today we are going to look at 3 additional measurements to start thinking about;

  1. Shoulder to shoulder
  2. Nape to waist
  3. Body rise

These measurements are important as they can also change where you sit on a size chart. We want to give you a bit of an overview on these 3 points and then we will extend this later into more detail.

OK, why are they important?

Shoulder to shoulder: the greatest impact here you will find is on jackets, it can take you up or down a size regardless of your bust measurement as you want the jacket to be sitting smoothly on your shoulder. Start thinking about styles you own, how do they  generally sit on your shoulders? Are you broad, narrow or maybe right in the middle!

Nape to waist: this talks directly to whether you are short, long or standard length in the waist. This measurement affects the fit of your dresses, tops and jackets. You may be petite height but with a longer waist still require a more tall height friendly size.

Body Rise: this relates to the lower part of your torso and will most greatly impact on trousers. Where they sit in relation to your natural waist and also which styles may suit.

This was giving you an overview today, so what we need you to do is grab your tape measure and start measuring!! Print out our size chart, circle those numbers and contact us if you have any questions. Your journey as your very own personal shape expert begins today ❤️