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    We are officially opening up our doors to INVITE YOU to apply to be one of our next customer Super Models!!

    Watch the video below to find out more about what is involved and see below for what you need to submit.

    First round applications open: 25th July 2017

    Applications close: 1st September 2017

    What are we looking for?

    We want to shoot with our customers who own a minimum of 5 LB items. This is open to all sizes, heights and ages based in Australia.

    What will be involved?

    We will be shooting at Warehouse no5 in Burleigh Heads, just around the corner from our studio. We will be selecting 2 new Super Models for this next photoshoot. When you arrive we will have our amazing Make-up Artist, Sally R and also a hair stylist ready to prep you for the fun afternoon ahead. We will be taking photos of you in some of our classic styles but also of new styles on the way. It will be a combination of some photos on your own and also as a group. Throughout the day we will also be shooting some candid video and of course the classic #twirl shot! To end the day we'll be celebrating with a glass of champagne and lots of high-fives!

    Time and location of Photoshoot:

    Wednesday 20th September 11am - 4pm, Warehouse no5 Burleigh Heads.

    How do I apply?

    Send us a short 30 second to 1 minute video (via Facebook messenger) about why you should be next! Please include your full name and a clear full length photo of yourself in square format (to be shared on Instagram).

    How will I find out if I'm chosen?

    We will be calling our next 2 Super Models on Wednesday 6th September at 12pm and sending announcing via email and social.

    Terms & Conditions

    By submitting your application via Facebook messenger you agree that any videos or photos may be shared through our Social platforms and website. All photos and videos taken on the day of the photoshoot are the property of Leina Broughton and can be used across all platforms. If you are from outside Queensland and selected we will arrange and pay for flights for you to fly in for the day.

    Send us your short 30sec - 1min video about why you should be next and include your full name and full length shot of you (in square format).

    Here is the link to our Facebook page, simply click on message once you are there.

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