Mother of the Bride - what to wear?
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    Mother of the bride dress by Leina Broughton

    The Mother of the Bride

    Finding the perfect Mother of the Bride dress that is both flattering and sophisticated can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

    All weddings have their own dress code, so finding the perfect outfit that compliments your personal style can be quite overwhelming especially if you want to find a dress that is comfortable and makes you feel fantastic.

    Here at Leina Broughton these are the garments we love to make, unique, flattering, comfortable, feminine styles.

    We have a gorgeous selection of high quality, Australian made and designed Mother of the Bride garments for sizes 8 – 24. Our creations are versatile, beautifully flattering and will make your day as perfect as the couple about to say their “I-dos”.

    With a wide range of colours and prints, we have the perfect match for all wedding styles and as we are a boutique brand, and our garments are limited editions, you can be sure your outfit won’t be overlooked in a sea of styles on the big day.

    Our range is available online and our Customer Service Team are always on hand to offer you personalised assistance to find your perfect fit and style.


    What should the Mother of the Bride wear?

    As the Mother of the Bride you should wear something that makes you feel beautiful but is also comfortable so you can get on with enjoying the special day. At Leina Broughton we have a range of dress styles, from wrap dresses to fit and flare, to suit your personal style.

    How long should a Mother of the Bride dress be?

    Taking into consideration the wedding dress code knee length, mid length and maxi are all acceptable. The skirt length of the dress is up to your personal preference.

    Can the Mother of the Bride wear black, navy or other dark colours?

    Of course you can, as long as you feel comfortable. You can add pops of colour to your dark coloured outfit with shoes, jewellery or a clutch.

    Can the Mother of the Bride wear red?

    Red is the colour of love and passion making it an excellent colour for a wedding. If you are looking for a full red dress or a dress with red in the print we’ve got you covered.

    Can the Mother of the Bride wear trousers?

    The right trousers can look not only feminine but chic. Leina Broughton has beautifully tailored pants and culottes which can be combined with a matching or contrasting top to create your own unique look.

    Is a floral pattern suitable for Mother of the Bride?

    Of course. A floral dress is an easy and elegant choice for Spring/Summer weddings. Our Spring/Summer dresses come in a variety of feminine floral prints with many having flattering flutter sleeves.

    What accessories can the Mother of the Bride use to enhance her outfit?

    Fascinators are a fantastic way to make a statement about your personal style. They compliment our Leina Broughton dresses and can really take your outfit to new heights. Also add interest with your choice of shoe, jewellery, clutch or handbag.

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