Limited Edition Printed Wrap Dresses Sale
Celebrating YOU with sizes 8-24 | Proudly Australian Made
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    You know that Leina Broughton is a reliable brand. Whether you aim to be the centre of attention at the Australian Open in January, at the Ekka in August, or simply a local picnic among friends, LB offers you the dress that fits you. Do you want to look dashing on your best friend's wedding, or are you eager to give a professional and confident air for an important meeting at work? Our designs are there for you, no matter the size you wear. There is no such thing as too tall or too petite, nobody is too skinny or too curvy, and our models are real women, just like you.

    When you are looking for a pattern or printed wrap dress, you know you're at the right address. No garment is as simple and versatile as the wrap dress. It has neither buttons nor zippers, yet anyone can wear it. It accentuates your figure in exactly the right places and makes any woman look wonderfully attractive. Printed, or with a pattern, the wrap dress enjoys renewed attention nowadays and is bound to remain trendy for a while yet. At Leina Broughton, we are proud to offer high-quality Australian-made wrap dresses.

    Find the finest pattern or printed wrap dress just in time!

    Do you visit our new arrivals page often, where we always highlight the latest women's fashion? Perhaps it's already happened to you that you've admired a brand-new model for a moment or two, clicked the "check out" button, and then discovered it was already sold out. You're not the only one, we admit. Our limited edition dresses are highly coveted, and so our stocks are always rapidly depleted. For this reason, you'll only rarely find a limited edition wrap dress on sale or any of our dresses for that matter.

    We sometimes receive e-mails from dismayed customers, asking us to make more! But we believe that by keeping styles limited they stay unique and become a true investment.