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    How do I create a Leina Broughton account?

    You can click on the button in the top RHS corner and [CREATE ACCOUNT] and follow the instructions.

    Or you can click on the banner in the bottom RHS of your screen [LB Rewards] and create an account within the pop-up window.


    Where do I view my account balance?

    Sign-in to your account in the top RHS when you visit our site and automatically the banner at the bottom RHS will show your reward points balance. When you click into the [LB Rewards] banner you can view the balance but also any vouchers you may have already or what you might be able to redeem.


    How do I redeem my points?

    When you click into the [LB Rewards] banner you can select different vouchers to redeem, this will create a code that you can use at the checkout and insert as a Promo Code. This will automatically deduct the bonus discount from your account balance.



    What if I don't use the discount that day? Where do I get the code?

    When you click into the [LB Rewards] banner there is a tab in the pop-up window where your codes are kept. Once you redeem your points the code will be generated and stored in that section, simply click on use to be able to copy the code.


    Can I gift my points to someone else?

    How lovely! Yes you can... Simply email us at shop@leinabroughton.com.au and we can transfer the points to the person of your choice.


    Can I redeem the points for cash?

    No. The LB reward points are just to be used on discounts on product and cannot be redeemed for cash.




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