FAQ's - Garment care
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    How do I wash my garments?

    Inside all our garments you will find a detailed care label with clear instructions on how to wash each garment. While most of our garments have the same care there may be variation depending on base fabric. If you are unable to find your care label please email us at shop@leinabroughton.com.au with the subject title 'Garment Care' and we will advise as to the best way to care for your garment.

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    Can I dry clean my garments instead?

    We don't suggest dry cleaning your garments as the chemicals used are very harsh on our beautiful fabrics and may shorten the life of your garments. 

    Can I hand wash instead of machine wash?

    If your care label specifies machine washing, this is the best way to launder your garment. When you hand wash your garments they soak in the water and this can cause fabric dyes to bleed. If you are concerned you can put your garments on a gentle short cycle in your machine and wash separately.

    Can I gentle machine wash instead of hand wash?

    If your care label specifies hand washing, this is the best way to launder your garment. Hand washing in some cases is specified as the structure or length of the garment may be compromised with machine washing and result in the shape being changed (eg jacket with interlining) or considerable length shrinkage.