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    When you’re frequently on-the-go (and who isn’t these days), finding pieces that work together easily is a must. Bottoms may be easy to come by: a classic skirt and pant can pair well with almost everything— but tops are often another story. To create a seamless daily style experience, start with a ladies wrap top that’s as versatile and beautiful as your favourite skirts and pants. The wrap tops you’ll discover at Leina Broughtonare effortless pieces that blend perfectly with every bottom you own.

    We’re a women’s fashion boutique that’s been online since 2010. Located in Gold Coast, we are pleased to serve Australia well: every one of our pieces is made here in the homeland. Proudly wear authentic Australian tops that are made from the highest-quality stretch jersey material.

    Get a Wrap Top in Australia That Matches Your Favourites and Won’t Fall Apart

    There’s nothing more frustrating than buying garments that fall apart after the first wash, or—even worse—before then. It’s frustrating to take the time to choose that elusive wrap top that works perfectly for you only to replace it again soon after. Over time, it becomes costly and exhausting to constantly search for pieces for work, leisure, and special occasions. Put an end to the wrap top struggle once and for all by browsing our collection and finally finding your one-and-only perfect-fit wrap tops online in a snap.

    Our quality includes durable jersey that can withstand daily wear wash after wash. Its stretch is so superior that even with constant tugging and pulling, it’ll still look new. You’ll get your money’s worth with our pieces in use and material. With our one-of-a-kind soft jersey, you’ll find that our pieces are the ones you reach for again and again when you open your closet.

    Wrap Tops Made to Work with Every Piece in Your Wardrobe, Every Day of the Year

    Buy a wrap top that you can instantly wear with what you already have. Our