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Celebrating YOU with sizes 8-24 | Proudly Australian Made
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    Do you love the experience of going out for the occasional shopping trip to catch up with your old friends? Sharing banter, fashion tips, and trading laughs all while browsing through the racks can be plenty of fun. All too often, though, you might come away without any purchases that satisfy you. Either nothing speaks to your sense of style, or the store doesn't have anything in your size. Either way, it's not exactly the kind of experience you want. When you want to buy a wrap dressthat fits the way you want it to and looks stunning, too, what if you didn't have to hunt through store after store to find a mass-produced garment in your size? What if you could find dresses for mature women from the comfort of home... without giving up the type of shopping experience, you love?

    At Leina Broughton, that's exactly the kind of experience you'll encounter when you begin shopping our limited boutique designs. Limited doesn't mean you'll never have a chance to snag what you like, though, because we're always releasing new designs and items. With a community that's passionate about our products and philosophy, you'll find it's easy to make yourself right at home in our circle of friends. Take a moment to consider what else sets LB apart and how you can find your niche here — a place where we celebrate all bodies and the clothes that adorn them!

    Rediscover what it feels like to love your clothes with LB

    Our efforts to continually stay on trend by producing exciting dresses for women create thrilling opportunities for wardrobe expansion every week. With new designs typically premiering every Tuesday, you'll have new chances to find something you love every week. From draped wraps to reversible dresses that can give you the option of a deeper neckline or a more formal, elegant look, plus all kinds of exciting patterns, you'll never know what might catch your fancy. Your purchase becomes an investment far more so than when you pick up a dress off the rack; a limited LB garment is something you can enjoy for a long time. It's unique — and we think you should feel that way, too. It's