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    Wrap dresses are timeless, beautiful, and universally flattering. They are great pieces that show off womanly curves while easily camouflaging problem areas. Most wrap dresses are appropriate for any occasion, can be dressed up or down, and never go out of style. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect wrap dress for your body type.

    If you have a petite frame

    Watch out for midi-length dresses that fall at your calves because these may overwhelm your frame. Maxi and knee lengths are better choices as these can create the illusion of height. Also, beware of exaggerated details such as wide cuts or large embellishments, which can overpower a smaller figure. Vertical stripes can make you appear taller because of their ability to visually elongate; a belt that defines your waist can add interest.

    If you’re tall

    Your long legs and torso are enviable, a taller shape means you can play with hemlines. Make the most of your tall frame with maxi-length wrap dresses – but watch your proportions and be sure that waistlines and hemlines fall at just the right places. If you’d like to show a little skin, a high slit can look elegant on you without appearing too provocative.

    If you have fuller hips and thighs

    Many wrap dresses are flattering on pear shaped women who are smaller on top and fuller through the hips and thighs. Free-flowing and fit-and-flare styles will work beautifully. For optimal flattery, look for a hemline that falls at the slimmest point of your legs such as just below the swell of your calf or just beneath your knee. A dipped hem and a darker colour such as navy can also create the illusion of a more balanced figure or try a volume sleeve or print.

    If you have a tummy

    For those with a bit of a tummy, flattering wrap dresses are perfect. They add definition to the slenderest part of your torso, especially empire-waist o