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    You’ve heard for a long time that you should be buying Australian made products. However, have you ever wondered why this is so important? When it comes to purchasing the things you need on a daily basis, from food to toiletries to clothing, buying Australian matters. You can support your local designers, farmers, manufacturers, and other Australian businesses by making a simple choice. Here’s why you should look for Australian made products the next time you shop online.

    Strict quality standards

    First, the Australian market is well-known for its high quality clothing standards. Anytime you choose an Australian product, you can be confident that you are getting a long-lasting, quality product. Safety standards are also high, which means that the materials and practices used to create these products are closely monitored to ensure that they will not harm your health or well-being.

    Warranties and guarantees you can count on

    All Australian products come with guarantees designed to protect the consumer. When you buy Australian, the products you buy are safe and long-lasting and perform up to expectations. They match the descriptions made by the company and meet any promises made about condition and quality. Many Australian companies take their guarantees even further to make sure that you are completely happy with your purchase.

    Support for the local economy

    When you buy Australian, you support economic development, jobs, and prosperity at home; this has a positive effect on all local communities and families. Every small purchase from an Australian company makes a ripple that ultimately benefits you and all your loved ones.

    Good working conditions

    Australia has the highest minimum wage standard in the world – and we also offer some of the best-regulated and safest working conditions. That means that each purchase from an Australian company helps provide jobs where people can work in safe environments for fair wages.

    Protection for the planet

    Finally, when you buy Australian products, you help the environment by buying local because you aren’t buying products that must be transported from overseas.

    Leina Broughton – for Australian made dresses online

    At Leina Broughton, we are proud to offer Australian dress brands to our customers – not only because we’re passionate about sustainability, but also because we’re passionate about uncompromising quality. The brands we offer online are some of the very best. We focus on providing elegant yet simple style and a wide range of sizes (8-22). Our clothing line includes wrap dresses, separates, work style, summer and winter dresses, petite and tall sizes, dresses for mature women, and much more. All our garments are made from jersey stretch fabrics that skim your curves beautifully and move with you comfortably – and they are all very proudly 100% Australian made. The next time you need a dress or a new outfit for work, do your part to support Australia and the environment – shop Leina Broughton.