Celebrating YOU with sizes 8-24 | Proudly Australian Made
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    Leina Broughton About Us Work Space

    Here at Leina Broughton, we  specialise in the creation of an ever-evolving collection of clothing, proudly, made locally on the Gold Coast, Australia.

    Releasing weekly, every Tuesday, our limited investment pieces are created to keep you feeling smart and totally amazing for years to come.


    Our inspiration is to create inclusive garments that make our customers exude confidence and feel beautiful, to amplify and elevate women to feel amazing - every single day.

    Our belief is simple, our customers are our brand.

    We incorporate and celebrate the women who have come to make our brand their own and this is why all of our imagery includes, who we like to call "our family". Our team, our customers and our weekly models. These are the women and men, behind the brand and who have made it, what it is today.


    Our fashion celebrates women, for who we are, not the size we are.

    Our range is reflective of this and is specifically developed for the Australian woman in sizes 8 to 24, for the work place – and for everyday living with garments that reflect well-tailored, versatile and easy care in pieces that are long lasting, perfect for the investment wardrobe.

    Leina Broughton Our Range


    On average, every Australian throws out 35kg of clothing yearly and is averaging only 4 wears per garment.

    Here at Leina Broughton, we subscribe to slow make movement and our designs are considered.

    We’re socially responsible  with our quantities based on our customer base. We only produce units based on the potential demand as our focus is conscious consumption

    We focus on the quality of materials and proudly 100% Australian made.

    Our range encompasses an aspect of timeless and versatile design, meaning it is less ‘trend-driven’ with longevity and this has become culturally embedded throughout our community with the groundswell of external Leina Broughton Communities and Groups who sell our preloved pieces thorough their own social media channels, increasing the love and the life-cycles of our garments exponentially.

    It is our commitment to continue to strive to evolve as a brand with ethical and environmentally sustainable systems thinking and will do so within all aspects of our business.

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