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    Tall height friendly

    Shopping for Draped Dresses Online That Will Fit You and Your Fashion Sense Perfectly

    Are you tired of the experience you have shopping in stores? Finding clothing that suits a woman like you isn't always easy, and at times, it can be downright frustrating. Why should it be difficult to find something that allows you to feel comfortable and confident in the image you present to others? At Leina Broughton, we wondered the same thing — and that's what inspired us to start creating draped dresses available online. We've not only created a variety of dresses that speak to the needs of the modern woman, but we've also fostered a vibrant community based on our mutual desire to look and feel good at the same time.

    When you purchase draped dresses online from Leina Broughton, you can take advantage of the fact that these fully Australian-designed and made garments use incredibly comfortable jersey stretch fabric. In other words, these garments can adapt and move the way your body does. This experience allows you to feel good in your clothes — and that confidence can extend to other areas of your life, too.

    Our limited releases mean designs can go fast, but we're always adding new and exciting products to speak to every woman's style. Take a moment to view our videos and to take your first steps into the LB community. Then shop for dresses online to your heart's content, or contact us with questions or concerns. We're always listening.

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